hobbs tuscany wool batting

Love, Mary. $33.00. View Options Hobbs Tuscany Supreme Unbleached Cotton Batting. Next. Hobbs Polydown King Size Wadding: 120" x 120", Hobbs Heirloom Full Size Wadding: 81"x96". number = 0; image[number++] = "" Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend Quilt Batting (Twin (72" X 96")) at Amazon.com. X 30 YDS. Select your Package Size! g_mapProds['12514'] = {"sProdRef":"12514","nPrice":7770,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £23.40 image[number++] = "" The loft and resilience inherent to the wool fibers allow quilting designs to show off to great advantage.This Tuscany batt is made with the very finest superwashed wool that is carded and resin bonded to … Click here to see our great prices! We both do large and small quilts. Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is specifically designed to be used with medium or dark-colored fabrics. image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" 80% cotton and 20% wool Size: 60" x 60" Price: $15.98 Sale: $15.98 each. Just like wool in clothing, this cotton and wool batting will give you wonderful insulation. Hobbs Batting Tuscany Unbleached Cotton Queen Size Quilt Batting. She is a big fan of Hobbs wool batting. image = new image(); Here’s a quick look at our products – click on this chart to open and enlarge it, and then right-click to the right of the chart after opening and enlarging it to print it, and please let us know if you have questions: Quilters, you will find your favorite Hobbs products at your favorite local quilt shops, fabric retailers and/or general craft stores. HOBBS BATTING. //-->, She does a lot of service projects.