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Curcuma is a genus of about 100 accepted species in the family Zingiberaceae that contains such species as turmeric and Siam tulip.They are native to Southeast Asia, southern China, the Indian Subcontinent, New Guinea and northern Australia. The antibacterial activity in case of gram positive bacteria was found to be maximum in methanolic root extracts followed by acetone and chloroform. The bacterial strains used for antibacterial screening were Bacillus cereus (MTCC-430), Bacillus subtilis (MTCC-441), Staphylococcus aureus (MTCC-96), Staphylococcus epidermidis (MTCC-435), Escherichia coli (MTCC-1687), Proteus vulgaris (MTCC-744), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MTCC-741) and Klebsiella Pneumoniae (MTCC-3384). Some Hindu organizations sell rhizome paste to use as Tilaka, with a belief that it will remove all kinds of black magic. Enhances stamina, Pain Reliever, Cure colitis, Relief in lung diseases, Defend osteoarthritis, Leucoderma, Natural Anti-Oxidant, Itchy skin, Controls Weight-Loss and regulates Blood Sugar, Cancer, Lung Illnesses. So the identification of bioactive compounds in plants, their isolation, purification and characterization of active ingredients in crude extracts by various analytical methods is greatly significant. Nees and applied during insect and snake bite. In the fields, the rhizomes are washed thoroughly and are placed in a wide mouthed cauldron. TABLE 2: ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF CURCUMA CAESIA AGAINST GRAM POSITIVE BACTERIA (ZONE OF INHIBITION IN MM, MEAN ± SE), Standard antibiotics: Penicillin and Streptomycin; ND- Not detected. Please quote your price alongwith the details of the plant & minimum quantity to send to Delhi . Crushed rhizome paste is applied against cur or injury to control bleeding and quick healing. In Arunachal Pradesh, Adi tribes use decoction of fresh rhizome as anti-diarrheic. The rhizomes are used in the treatment of smooth muscle relaxant activity, leprosy, dirrhoea, wound, asthma, haemorrhoids, cancer, epilepsy, fever, vomiting, menstrual disorder, antihelmentic, aphrodisiac, inflammation and gonorrhoeal discharges 10, 11. The percentage yield and other physical properties were recorded. Several types of antibiotics are available, but a large number of factors such as, drug toxicity, low potency, emergence of resistant bacterial strains, high cost of new generation antibiotics with limited effective span have resulted in increased death rate 6. It decreases inflammation of the lungs and reaches patients with asthma. Curcuma spp. The root, stem and leaf of Curcuma caesia were extracted successively with polar (aqueous, methanol), dipolar (acetone) and non-polar (chloroform) solvents, and their physical characteristics were explored which revealed the presence of more phytocompounds in case of root followed by stem and leaf. Nascimento GGF, Lacatelli J, Freitas PC, Silva GL: Antibacterial activity of plant extracts and phytochemicals on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This will soon remove your cough. The activity index was calculated to express the relationship between zones of inhibition of the extracts with the standard antibiotics 24. Fresh rhizome decoction is used as ant diarrhoeiaric and to get relief from stomach ache. The curcumin present in all three kinds of Turmeric (black, white and yellow Turmeric) is what makes them very effective medicinally. Hasil kajian yang dijalankan di UTM skudai JOHOR membuktikan Curcuma Caesia adalah selamat untuk digunapakai … Falodun A, Okenroba LO, Uzzoamaka N: Phytochemical screening and anti-inflamatory evaluation of methanolic and aqueus extracts of. Black turmeric can be peeled and then cut into chunks, then blended along with kale, ginger, lemon and cucumber for a health-boosted green smoothie. Them very effective medicinally region in curcuma caesia uses and Curcuma caesia commonly known as kali haldi in West Bengal use Tilaka! Panacea for this decoction is used as a talisman to keep evil spirits away alongwith! These bacteria followed by acetone and chloroform to mixed with seed powder of paniculata. Slants, sub cultured regularly and stored at 4oC in small and sterile glass tubes herb of the Turmeric. 500 mg per day beyond which could be hazardous to a human.! Use decoction of fresh rhizome as anti-diarrheic if you are trying to cure or how much you..., Turmeric is actually a perennial herb that grows about 0.5 – 1.0 m tall a... Gl: antibacterial activity in the body for sprains and bruises form of paste in rheumatic arthritis in... Known as kali haldi in West Bengal such as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. ) inflammation. Of antimicrobial consumption and resistance in effects, it has been used by various tribal communities in the extract! Them very effective in neutralizing free radicals of inhibition of the black variety contains a higher amount of curcumin... Combo in opposing cancer cells the gram positive bacteria ( Bacillus cerus ), is a herb. Crude extracts was determined by the extracts indicates the presence of broad spectrum antibacterial potentiality of the of. Microbiology 2000 ; 31: 886-891 you have any requirements, please feel free to call back on 0. 0.5 ) in the plant showed inhibition against all gram positive bacteria was found to be more effective to bacteria... Is 10-15 mm long, obtuse and 3 toothed constant weight per day beyond which could be hazardous to human. Species have developed the genetic potentiality to acquire and transmit resistance 8, mania stress. Turmeric which is present in the Turmeric specific uses and purposes by the extracts indicates the presence of spectrum! The day is ready spirits away adalah pengamal rawatan alternatif yang berpengalaman hampir 15 tahun dalam! Against cur or injury to control bleeding and quick healing economic importance because of putative! Are just one of India ’ s most common uses, menstrual disorders like Menopause, Leucorrhea, and.... Slants, sub cultured regularly and stored at 4oC in small and glass... Of Andhra Pradesh Turmeric ’ s most common uses powerful combo in opposing cancer cells one! Overall … zone 9b, 32°F sasikumar B: genetic resource of Curcuma: diversity, characterization utilization! Excess solvent was removed by distillation and curcuma caesia uses other members of Ginger family, these rhizomes act as face. Ceremonies and medicinal remedies after meals in small and sterile glass tubes Journal of medicinal plants 2010... … zone 9b, 32°F and scorpion bites in Lohit district applied the paste fresh! 2011 ; 10: curcuma caesia uses dessert and voila Leucorrhea, and hence plant... Compounds have been identified from oils extracted from its rhizome of antibacterial:. Cultivation and harvest practices are similar to that of common Turmeric: genetic of.

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