3 week european road trip itinerary

We love beautiful scenery eating and drinking and walking around quaint towns we do love swimming to.Not bothered about sandy beaches lots of them in Australia. I have 13 days well 12 because I’m flying from the states. So definitely want to check out the houses of parliament and Elizabeth tower so the suggestion of checking out the walking tour sounds just right for us to see the big sights. Let me know if you have any other questions. Sun Paris Paris Croatia in a duration of 15 days. It’s common that some travelers visit the Netherlands and fall in love with the place so on their next visit they plan on exploring much more of the small country. First off I’ll mention that I highly recommend spending 3 nights in almost any European city that you visit. It’s a bit remote from the others, but it’s worthwhile and the trains between the cities are fast in that part of Europe. -Roger, Hello, first time traveller here. I’m traveling with my middle son to UK to pick up my eldest son the grandbaby for a European getaway. You might actually be interested in my article on where to go in Germany, as I discuss a few alternatives. I am from Mumbai and planning a trip with my parents next month to Europe [ starting on 11th and ending on 17th]. How possible and budget friendly would this be? One challenge will be that Amsterdam to Berlin is the only one that can be reached easily by train, although you can take a train from Madrid to Barcelona and then a flight from Barcelona to Ibiza and from there to Amsterdam. If you only have 7 days then you'll find a list below of classic itineraries that are well-suited to a first visit to Europe. But again, I’d still do London and Paris. Let me know if you have any other questions. I really love Amsterdam, but a full week there is a long time. Does the plan seem feasible? From Florence take the train to Rome for 3 nights. We are also very much on board with traveling by train, as you made it sound simple, relaxing, and efficient! Let me know if you have any other questions. 2. As you might know, everywhere else in Britain is cheaper than London, and especially now with the decent exchange rate, it’s good value. You could fly into Amsterdam and after three days you could fly to Zurich and then take the train from Zurich to Interlaken to spend three glorious days in and near the Alps. Personally, I would never rent a car in London, although if you rented out by one of the airports it wouldn’t be so bad. Bruges and Brussels are an interesting pair. If you are sleeping in Gimmelwald or Murren (both highly recommended) then Schilthorn is obviously even more efficient because the peak is only about 50 minutes up the same mountain from Murren. If it’s a big price difference then it’s important to book as early as possible. Day 1: Arrive in Budapest It’s best to get around Europe by train and in most cases you’ll get cheaper tickets if you buy at least a month or so in advance. Right now i am planning to cover Venice (1 night) Bordeaux- 2 nights Exciting 2 Week Europe Itinerary Ideas. I think my question got lost previously so I apologize if this is repeated and I missed the answer. Let me know if you have any questions. Santorini has quite a few full-time residents so there are some things still open, but I don’t think I’d recommend it. Thanks for all you’ve been doing to help us out. That article explains which places have really good Christmas celebrations and the weather in all of them. -Roger. Any help woud be great. Tue Inverness – Edinburgh – London London 1 Your itinerary looks great and I think the amount of time in each place is perfect. Slovenia Venice –> 1 day You’ll get more information from that article I linked to. and Barcelon and Madrid in Spain. Thanks! Salzburg is lovely, but it’s small enough to enjoy in two days, especially since you can be there by 11am after leaving Munich in the morning. I will be travelling with my elderly parents and a brother. Or should we go to Budapest-Vienna-Salzburg-Prague? 1. London to Paris via the Eurostar train in just 2 hours. 4/11. As you mentioned, flights can be very cheap if you buy long enough in advance or are willing to fly in the early morning or in the evenings. If you choose 6 destinations it means 5 travel days between them, out of your 12 total days. The time I am considering is 2 weeks. Then after 3 nights you could take a train down to Aalen for as long as you’d like, and then take a train from there to either Frankfurt or Munich (whichever is cheaper) for a flight to Naples to end the trip. This should give you some ideas and I’m happy to help more as your plans are moving along. What do you think? Budapest 3.00 Overnight Bus Venice 2 The cost is around €90 pp. Iceland Do you have recommendations for cross country car rentals, or good places to stay for trips like this? And I read in some of your comments above that the train bookings only open 3 months in advance…so can’t really book them right now. As I say so often, I highly recommend staying 3 nights in almost any city you visit because that gives you two full sightseeing days followed by one travel day. Perhaps this is your first time traveling to Europe, or maybe you’ve been before but would like to see it again with fresh eyes. My husband and I and our three girls (19, 17, 12) did our first trip to Europe 1.5 years ago. It’s actually only a bit more expensive than Rome and Florence, and it’s only a couple hours by train from Florence so you’ll be close already. I am from Mumbai, India. Venice is small enough to enjoy in one or two nights, and Switzerland is different because it’s mostly about the scenery and spending 2 nights in Interlaken and 2 nights in Lucerne can be enough if you are in a hurry, or just 3 nights in Interlaken. I’d cross off Brussels, Milan, Geneva, and Zurich to begin with because those aren’t really good tourist cities anyway. Guilin, Those are probably great for actual hiking in the woods, but they are harder to stow than the rectangular ones that look like suitcases once you put the straps away. Here are the best first-time Italy itineraries for 3 days to 2 weeks (in much greater detail). So if you can fly from Barcelona into CDG Airport at least 2 or 3 hours before your flight home leaves, you should be fine. The order looks great as well. Except for perhaps Paris to Interlaken, those train tickets will be pretty cheap if you buy early. No, I’ve yet to make it to the BMW Museum, but I do know that it’s very popular with car people. I think you are better off with Amsterdam on this trip, and keep Gimmelwald and Switzerland in general in mind for a future trip. Amsterdam could also be great for a few days. Let me know if you have any other questions. If your budget will allow it I would recommend going to some different cities that are also among the most interesting. Is this planning doable? Thanks in advance. Flying around Europe is as stressful as it is most other places and you have to leave the city at least 3 hours early to try to make it to the airport 2 hours before your flight and all of that. My best recommendation would be this: Fly into Paris and spend 3 or 4 nights there and then take a train to the Interlaken area in Switzerland and spend 2 or 3 nights there. We really wanted to do croatia but seems like a long distance. The beach in Nice is smooth rocks so it’s not very nice if you are used to sand, but there are sandy beaches in nearby Cannes and a few other places close by. Thus, no response from you. Possible ideas are London, Paris, Amsterdam (I figured staying relatively close we would lose less of our trip traveling between places), Italy-Rome, Florence, Venice, Amalfi coast (I’ve not been to Italy). Salzburg would be wonderful if you could mix it in. Unfortunately, the rest are too spread out to be within train distance so you’ll be needing to fly. You may have read my advice on three nights being the ideal length of stay in almost all European cities. If you had a week for Greece it might be different, but in 5 days I think it would be too hectic, and you could use those days elsewhere. If you have to fly in and out of the same city you could do the first version and then take the Eurostar train from Paris to London and then head to Heathrow from there. Three nights in Barcelona is perfect. I hope this helps. Your itinerary looks like it was put together by a seasoned professional. Do you think this is doable? Also, the trains there are fast, comfortable, and efficient. Let me know if you have any other questions. maybe we can skip Holland for next time? then use www.viamichelin.com or google maps to plot out how far 4-5 hrs take you or some days just to get there use 7-8 hrs.. to see one place (city) you need 2 nights - an example for Disney if you may need 2 days, it means you will need to … It seemed that stone henge and bath seemed super touristy and might skip unless you think that is a must see. Each of those cities is a top-notch destination with plenty of things to see and do nearby. Do you have any suggestions of must-see and unique things for us to do? Let me know if you have any other questions. I went to Russia for soccer world cup and now I wish to visit Madrid, Barcelona, Paris (perhaps Amsterdam) and London. We are seeking your help. Amsterdam, Budapest, and Prague are some of the most popular river cruise ports, but there are dozens of others including many smaller towns in France where few other tourists will be when you stroll off the ship. There is year-round snow on top of Jungfrau and usually nearby Schilthorn, but the lifts are lower on the mountains. One quick and great itinerary would be to fly into London and spend 3 days there before taking the Eurostar train to Paris for three days. 3. First off, please have at least a scan of my article on why 3 nights is the best length of time to stay in nearly any European city. Your best bet would probably be to save Germany for a future trip. In west europe we want to visit italy, france, germany, netherlands(if its possible to visit all of them) what is the recommendation for iceland, I’ve been to Iceland and it’s amazing, but I haven’t been there for the Northern Lights. Berlin is a huge city with a lot to see as well. 5. I am confused about where to spend the 2nd week. Salzburg, In Italy the train tickets are actually fairly cheap, and especially if you buy well in advance. Then look for other cities that are easy to reach from your main picks, or are between them on train routes.  Innsbruck  Any day trips from here? Now my query is. Austria and Croatia Anything north of the train station is a pretty good location, but I don’t think I’d go across the river to the north. I’d allow 3 days for Amsterdam and probably 2 or 3 days for Bruges and Brussels combined. The train ride from Venice to Interlaken is about 5 hours and it’s very scenic. What do you think? Generally speaking, vegetarian meals are pretty easy to find in most of Europe and getting easier each year. Both of those are lovely cities, but Bruges in particular has quite a bit in common with Amsterdam, so it won’t make as much of an impact and it’s a good one to save for later. Upon some research, I can take either a train (6 hrs) or flight (1-2 hours) for fairly cheap between the two cities. I usually prefer to not type out specific itineraries because everyone’s tastes and budgets are so different. I just found out that since I’m not a US citizen yet, I would have to get another Visa for London since it is not part of the Schengen Visa. Those places would all be fantastic in those months. I really like to book my hotels as soon as I’m sure about the trip. Once in Europe you’ll have more choices of low-cost carriers. Thank you for the kind words. If you wanted to save Italy for another trip and include Germany for a week in its place, you could go from Switzerland to Munich and then to Berlin, probably flying out of Berlin back to London. While I had done quite a bit of research and planning before we arrived and had a general idea of what our itinerary would look like, we didn’t book any rooms ahead of time other than our first night in Zagreb. -Roger. For better value you can look for something just south of the train station in that newer neighborhood. 15 Apr – Planning trip to Venice from Innsbruck and stay the night at Venice. Too much? Now, if we are looking at Sunday through the next Saturday, that’s just 6 nights. Getting between those airports is a huge hassle so it’s better to pay a bit more for a flight into Heathrow. But you’ve come to the right place and I will suggest having a look at our 3-star traveler index for Europe, which lists those 3 cities and 53 others. Hi Roger, 12 Apr – Planning trip to Montreux.. Is it a good place and any places of interest at Montreux? And it’s so popular in summer that most businesses and hotels have air conditioning, so you should be just fine. One challenge for Croatia is that the trains are still quite slow. In 8 to 10 days I would definitely keep it to 3 total destinations. With regards to accomodation, can you suggest what areas we should stay in? 3 – I normally don’t recommend hiring cars in Europe to go between large cities because parking is always expensive and a big hassle (on purpose), plus the trains are so pleasant. I hope this helps. I am from Singapore and my boyfriend and I are looking to do a graduation trip in Europe this coming April and was hoping you can help advise on the current plan we have. I am planning to travel somewhere around November 1st week for approximately 8-9 days in total. Thanks Roger, I expected as much about the car rentals. Thanks much for any input. in 2015 we visited Venice and the surrounding areas and absolutely fell in love!!!!! The shortest Italy trip that I recommend is one night in Venice, three nights in Florence, and three nights in Rome. 4/10. Since you can get between most of these towns by train in 2 hours or less, spending only 2 nights in each one is a reasonable option if you want to see a lot in a short time. If you could suggest of something which is more of a prettiest town / some offbeat place and not too expensive(compare to Switzerland). Lyon and Marseilles are both examples of very large cities with few sights and not many tourists. Venice is indeed quite expensive, but it’s also unlike anything else on earth and I recommend going there for about 24 hours as a little splurge. You might even add Florence for two nights in between Venice and Rome, which would then give you all of Italy’s “Big 3” tourist destinations. Parking in big European cities is always expensive and sometimes it’s not even available in the city center where the tourist attractions are located. Eurail Passes are good for long trips where people don’t want to commit to plans until the last minute, and they are quite expensive in general. Estonia train from Budapest to Vienna Munich Thank you very much for your suggestions. As for the cost, it depends on which country you’d do it in. -Roger. I have checked on the internet and find that most of these cities are 2, 4 or 5 hours of train journey and I plan to pre book and use EUrail. If you are flying into Paris it’s good to stay 3 nights there. I assume you are referring to Giethoorn. As for Easter, it really shouldn’t be an issue in either city. Almost no airlines even fly between those cities because the train is so much better. drive to Interlaken–2 nights If you want to go to Italy the fastest visit I would recommend would be 1 night in Venice, 2 nights in Florence (although 3 nights is better), and 3 nights in Rome. Since i have to manage my parents and my son both i wanted to know places which would be common for both age groups and less hectic for me. Then Google for the bus service, like ‘Budapest to Prague bus’ and you’ll see the various companies and bus-booking websites. The short version is that Venice might be the single most mind-blowing place to experience in Europe because it’s so gorgeous and so unusual. Thanks again. Hi Roger, I planning to visit the Europe for 20 Days in middle of November this year, Where would you recommend us to go? ), Any extra thoughts/tips/tricks on the whole itinerary would be greatly appreciated! It really lives up to the hype. Czechia Please let me know what you think! Thank you every much in advance for your reply. That would be nice, but including Inverness would mean a couple more days of travel in that week. Delhi -> Paris -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Prague -> Budapest -> Barcelona -> Paris -> Delhi You could then fly home from Madrid, or from Barcelona if you skip Madrid. 10 Apr – Planning to go to Jungfraugh. What’s the best order to see these places? So you might actually stop for a night in Luxembourg City (it’s small) and then two nights in Cologne, and then just spend a few hours in Brussels on your way to Bruges for the night. I plan on going to Europe for the 1st time in October. I’m happy to help you with details if you have questions. 1. As for Interlaken, I think 2 nights would be enough to get an excellent taste of it. Malaga, Notting Hill for example has lots of tourists along Portobello Road during the day (and it’s a very cool place to visit), but in the evening it’s almost 100% local because there aren’t any hotels nearby. I will be doing an internship in Spain near Valencia for 5 weeks until mid August. Is this possible for you to suggest the best travel mode/timing to my itinerary? If you spent 3 days or so in each of those cities it would take 24 days, but I’d say Venice in about 24 hours is enough because it’s so crowded and expensive (and yet still amazing). Even if you want to move quickly I still recommend staying 3 nights in almost any city you visit. You could visit more places in France quite easily, of course, and there are some good suggestions in the article above. That person would be seeing many places but they wouldn’t have enough time in each one to really enjoy the visit. Also, we looked up train and other travel ticket prices within Switzerland which seem expensive and we think our budget would probably over shoot. You can enjoy Venice is about 24 hours because it’s compact (and crowded) and then head to Florence and Rome for 3 days each. This sort of conflict comes up a lot, even in my own relationship. and then to paris and tnd lastly amsterdam.. Negril, You’ll be riding on Intercity Express-type trains that only stop in the largest cities and have reasonably large seats and good legroom. -Roger. Thu Interlaken/Lucerne/Bern Bern While I have previously been to many countries in Europe, this will be their first time and I want to make the trip memorable while at the same time, not too overwhelming. I haven’t made it to Montenegro yet, but I’ve heard good things. The key, again, is to book as early as possible for popular dates like these. Are day passes for transport inclusive of different modes of transport i.e. From there I found flights to Amsterdam for $60 for both of us via Easyjet departing at 8:00 am from london. Where to stay at Venice ? I’m hoping you could give an opinion on a trip I am trying to plan with my husband. Your best options with the other 3 or 4 days would be either to take a train from Italy to Nice to enjoy the French Riviera including day trips to nearby Monaco and Cannes, and then a train to Paris. thanks. The shortest trip I recommend is 1 night in Venice, 3 nights in Florence, and 3 nights in Rome. -Roger, Starting with London – 6 nights (with family) 5th -11th September, Rome – 5 nights (with family) 11th -16th September, Venice – 2 nights (with family). That said, I’m no fan of overnight trains, and Europe has done away with most of them in the last 5 or 10 years. Thanks for the quick reply Roger, Have you been to the BMW museum? The country has a famous “Big 3” destinations in Rome, Florence, and Venice, which are all teaming with worthwhile sights and they are conveniently located fairly short train rides from each other. Portugal has great food and wine (especially if you like Port). Actually, a cruise might just be perfect for what you have in mind. My strong recommendation is to spend 3 nights in each destination, even if you are in a hurry. You might take a scan of my article on where to go in Germany to see if any of it sounds interesting to you. Thanks, We plan to depart Scotland toward the end of July and return mid August just before the kids return to school. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ve done trips like that where I stay one night in a city so I can see the main highlight and it gets exhausting quickly. Where is the best place to fly into from the US? I am thinking London, Prague, France and Barcelona. If your friend lives near an airport in Germany you could fly in from Rome and then fly to Ireland. The most obvious one would be Madrid because it’s a wonderful city and it’s very different from Barcelona. I’m sure you’ll have a great time and let me know if you have any other questions. Also, do you think its wise to get the passes? We are also thinking of taking the Bernina Express tour…looks very interesting… Obviously you’d have to fly in and out of Athens, and I’m not sure it’s worth it on a trip like this in December. -Roger. My top suggestion if you want to revisit a place would be to fly into Paris and then use that as a hub. There is now a direct train from Paris to Barcelona in about 6 hours, and the high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid takes only about 2.5 hours. As you may have read elsewhere, those high peaks can be in the clouds or fog or rain any time of the year, and going to the top under those conditions is pointless. Then you can do a self-guided tour of the 3rd and 4th floors. I would like to spend some time at a beach and have looked at places like Croatia. Pattaya, Geoff. Cinque Terre (1 night). It's better to pay more for a hotel to be on the main island and visit quickly than to save money with a hotel on the mainland where you'll be in crowds going back and forth as well. Italy (Rome- 3 nights, Venice – 2 nights, Florence-2 nights) Total 29. Zurich is definitely a pleasant city and the historic center is quite charming. Bruges is much smaller and less busy and there are many subtle differences. Total of 3 weeks excluding fly time. Rome is by far the largest of those and it's packed with great sights, but it's also a bit chaotic, so 3 nights is a good stay for a first visit. we are going for 16 days. Lucerne is the second most interesting place and you can see it in about two days as well. I haven’t made it to Porto yet, but if you’ve only got 1.5 days and you’ve already got a day trip, you’ll barely have enough time to see the city center. Interlaken-2N Munich has an impressive Old Town area, but most of the city is quite modern. 1. I’ve lived in London and Amsterdam, and I’ve visited Paris quite a few times, but still I think a 3 or 4-day visit is optimal. -Roger, Hey Roger, The Mediterranean cruise will also be the perfect way to get an introduction to Barcelona and Venice and a few other great cities. I’d fly into London and spend 3 or 4 nights there and then take the Eurostar train to Paris for 3 or 4 nights. Rome – 2N. The downside to booking each place yourself is all of the research and uncertainty that goes along with it. Via Norwegian airline Hamburg, 4/5. Now here are some of my questions: Are flights a better option (and cheaper) than trains? It’s best to choose destinations that are close enough to each other to travel by train rather than plane. To me, Paris and Amsterdam are 2 of Europe’s 5 great cities to focus on, along with London, Venice, and Rome. For the Italy part it’s easiest to fly into Rome and spend 3 nights there, and then take the short train ride to Florence for 3 nights, and then another train ride to Venice for one or two nights. You could even skip Brussels for one day and spend that extra day in either Paris or London, unless you really want to see a bit of Brussels. Since traveling from one city to another will take at least half a day, you don't want to waste more time by visiting far-flung cities. But that’s about all. If you've decided to finally explore Europe for the first time, it's quite possible that you haven't considered doing it on a cruise. Also my husband suffers from chronic gout in his feet so a day of walking has to be followed by a day of easy going type stuff. I’m happy to hear that this has helped. That sounds amazing. You could easily do 12 or 13 days in Italy without getting bored, but you might instead want to visit Madrid and Barcelona or something along those lines.

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